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Honey sticks Variety Pack - Pick 15 - 150 Total Sticks
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Variety Pack - Pick 15 - 150 Total Honey Straws

SKU: 344
Description: Pick 15 Choices of honey straws (they come in packs of 10). So your 15 choices will give you 150 total honey straws!

You can simply order "1" or up to "15" in the quantity field since you are allowed 15 choices. You get to decide which honey straws and how many packs of each you wish.

Your input of "1" in the quantity field equals 10 honey straws for that selection. If you enter "2" in the quantity field you will receive 20 honey straws for that selection and so on.

Any questions, please ask.

You can read about about different honey stick varieties here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
These sticks rule!

Excellent flavor profiles across all honey sticks - chai is the household favorite! Excellent in a cup of tea or as a snack. Will absolutely be ordering again! Speedy delivery and neat packaging makes it a 10/10!

Amazing flavors

I ordered 2 different brands of honey sticks of Amazon and was happy with 1 of the 2. So I was looking for another brand to try and stumbled upon these. I ordered the variety pack and man I could not be happier. Not only do they have a huge selection, but every flavor I tried tastes amazing. Most of the others I tried tastes mostly like honey and just a tiny bit of flavor. These had a perfect balance of honey taste and the flavor of choice. Will definitely buy again.


The different flavors are great. Will be ordering more soon


Love everything about this product !!! Obsessed with not just one flavor but all of them ! Came very fast and packed so neatly


Wow! Highly recommended!!! I ordered 13 of the flavors and I honestly love them all! Top 5 Faves: Sour Apple Peach Mango Clover Pina Colada (Surprised me too! I though it was an odd flavor choice... by my oh my! Yumm) Order arrived sooner than I expected too! Very nicely packaged. Love how the flavors are bagged and labeled. Can't recommend eBeeHoney enough! I will be ordering more soon! Also, makes a great gift add-on! Thank you eBeeHoney! :)