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Honey Sticks Variety Pack - Pick 20 - 2000 Total Sticks with Free Shipping
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Variety Pack - Pick 20 - 2000 Total Honey Straws

SKU: 346FS
Description: Pick 20 Choices of honey straws (they come in packs of 100). So your 20 choices will give you 2000 total honey straws!

You can simply order "1" or up to "20" in the quantity field since you are allowed 20 choices. You get to decide which honey straws and how many packs of each you wish.

Your input of "1" in the quantity field equals 100 honey straws for that selection. If you enter "2" in the quantity field you will receive 200 honey straws for that selection and so on.

Any questions, please ask.

You can read about about different honey stick varieties here.

Customer Reviews

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Natural Energy kick for Athletes

We buy the honey straws by the thousands. We give them to our kids for all the traditional reasons of course. However, we give them to kids in athletic groups, before practices and games. We use them as rewards for kids that show up on time and use them to encourage accountability as a team mate. Kids love to be rewarded and there's really not a lot of ways to reward kids frequently without breaking the bank. This is a way that works and is really inexpensive over the course of a season. Thus far I've been fortunate that I haven't had anyone that is allergic to honey so I haven't needed to worry about what to do in the case someone on the team is allergic. There's enough flavors that all the kids get to choose one that they like. The parents appreciate that it is legitimately good, not just advertised as such. So, it's a win, win, win.

Felix Gonzalez
Best product

Great package, flavor and the service the best.


The sticks are bright and colorful and grab people's attention. They enjoy looking thru the flavors and choosing what they want. The price allows everyone to enjoy.

Tara C.

These are even better than what I had imagined! I have tried the watermelon, grape and apple so far. I've never had these before, so I didn't know what to expect. They all tasted great! I will be ordering from them again. Shipping was extremely fast and well packaged.