Fees for Cancellation:
Please note if you decide to cancel an order prior to your order being shipped, we will deduct any credit card fees charged to us for the processing of your order. These fees are automatically charged by the credit card company when you click the submit order button and these fees are not returned to us. When you cancel an order, these fees will be deducted from your refund. The fees range from 2.6% - 3.6% depending on the payment method you selected when you placed your order.

Cancellation for an order shipped and still in transit to you:
If the item is non-food and you decide you no longer want the order and refuse the shipment and instruct the carrier to return it to us. Please note that once we receive the order back to us that shipment costs to and from will be deducted from your refund. Depending on the carrier there may also be other fees they charge for shipment refusal and return. It's best to receive the shipment to avoid other charges/fees that the carriers may charge for additional services. Once you receive the order you can call us.

Please note - we are unable to accept any returns for a product that is consumed or eaten. For items orders that are not consumed, please contact us prior to returning the item so we can approve your return. You will need to ship the order back to us in the original unopened condition at your expense. 

Please also see our Terms and Conditions