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Honey Sticks Variety Pack - Pick 50 - 500 Total Sticks with Free Shipping

Variety Pack - Pick 50 - 500 Total Sticks

SKU: 330FS-inTens
Honey Stick Choices: Pick Your 50 Choices - they come in packs of 10 - so 500 total honey straws.

Simply pick your choices and click the "Add to Cart" button. Once in the shopping cart, you can type into the comment section, your choices and quantities of each choice. (i.e. 30 raspberry, 50 clover, 200 pina colada, 100 root beer, 100 lemon, 20 raspberry, etc.)  

Any questions, please ask.

You can read about about different honey stick varieties here.

Customer Reviews

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honey sticks

The service is exceptional. Quick delivery, always 100% accurate orders. Taste is spectacular.

Terrific snack sticks!

I ordered 10 flavors and requested 50 of each. Our family has been enjoying these daily. Our favorites include Wildflower, Peach, Orange Blossom, Chai and Blackberry. The others are quite good too, there's not a bad one at all, but these are our favorite. Being in Hawaii, we also appreciate that eBeeHoney offers many of their items in USPS Priority Mail flat-rate boxes with free shipping to us. Very few companies take the time to offer this and sets eBeeHoney above the rest along with their terrific products! Thank you, we'll bee back!