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1 pound of beeswax with free shipping.

1 pound Beeswax - Free Shipping

SKU: 1007
Each 1 pound block measures approximately 6.25" x 3.75" x 1.25".

You'll notice that 1, 2, and 16 pound blocks of beeswax includes free shipping - this is for folks that are buying ONLY beeswax and nothing else!

If you are buying additional products, it's less expensive to buy the beeswax that costs $9.00 without free shipping since there will be shipping costs on honey products, etc.

Beeswax blocks have been filtered twice and ready to use in any application where beeswax is needed. Beeswax has a variety of uses including; candles, lotions, soaps, hair products, wood projects, fishing, art, painting, musical instruments, manufacturing, etc. Great beeswax for any use. This beeswax includes free shipping which helps those folks who are only buying beeswax and nothing else.

Customer Reviews

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Kurwa Matka

ohuennaja hueta nada brat minimum 2 pcsexellent

Smells so good!

I was looking for beeswax and chose from 3 different stores (including eBeeHoney). I read that some beeswax had a bad odor, apparently those are not 100% beeswax. So happy that this smells so good! I'm so excited to use this to make some beeswax wraps! :)

I'll be a return customer

Fast delivery. I am also grateful for the free shipping. The product was fantastic. I received my 1 pound of beeswax from which I made salve that came out wonderfully. Thanks ebeehoney!

Excellent Beeswax

High quality and quick shipping. What more could I ask for?

Dakota Montgomery
Pure Beeswax

I'm a professional woodworker and I make a lot of cutting boards and such that need a food safe natural finish. Off the shelf finishes are over priced and the ratio is wrong in every product that I tried so I decided to start making my own for my customers. I needed legit pure beeswax and it's actually hard to find. Most beeswax claiming to be pure actually have paraffin wax in them which makes the finish stink very badly and it also creates a finish that doesn't hold up for very long at all. I stumbled across on Google and decided to try them and I will be getting all of my beeswax from them in the future. I go through a lot of finish and having a good supplier is important to my business.