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5 lbs. Raw Basswood / Linden Honey

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Linden honey is AKA Basswood Honey and even Lime Honey. Linden tree blooms only lasted 7-10 days so very unique and flavorful honey!

The honey has been described as having a very fresh aroma described as minty, menthol, camphor, balsamic, etc. Excellent honey for tea, desserts, muffins, hot cereal - you name it! The blooming season for Linden trees is generally the first week in July in this part of Ohio.

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Customer Reviews

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Scott T
Excellent honey

Lind honey, in my opinion, is the best I've had in a very long time. Very smooth and not overly sweet. I eat a TB every night before I go to sleep. I'm very satisfied with my purchase. Thank you EBEE this is a great product .

Linden Honey is wonderful!

I had never known there were many kinds of honey besides clover and orange blossum and wildflower, then I went to an international food store and they had something called Linden Honey from the Caspian Mountains. I decided to be adventurous and bought some. The first thing I noticed when I opened the lid was the beautiful light but strong flower scent-different then wildflower. Then the flavor which was mild but with a bit of.. (gosh, tastes don't have many good adjectives in this language except by comparing them to something else,).. a bit of deep wildness!..looking at other descriptions I guess I would say a hint of lime.. after all it is also called Lime tree...but it is distinctive from other honeys in that taste! Yours is just the same and I am very pleased with it, all the others were crystallized which I liked, yours hasn't yet. I am glad I hadn't yet investigated honeys on the internet because someone described it as having hints of menthol or camphor and that certainly would had kept me from getting it. I don't want my honey to smell or taste like Vicks or menthol rub! Yours definitely didn't taste or smell like that! Just good! Also packing and shipping were good and fast! Great company will order again...


I was surprised that the honey had a hint of a lime flavor to it. I think I will enjoy this with tea this winter as well as a little on a muffin.

Alvah Brown
Linden/Basswood Honey

I Have purchased 6 different kinds of honey from your web site and the Linden is the best. Keep those bees focused!

Honey Review

I have ordered honey from eBeeHoney previously so I knew what I was getting. I actually ordered 5 different types for myself and a few extra items for colleagues who have previously used my work stash! As always, the honey arrived in perfect condition and they all taste great, so much so I held a honey tasting session at my desk which has led to several people place an order (maybe mines will last a bit longer this time!!)Kepp up the good work and thanks for another order of amazing honey!