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raw locust honey - 1 pound
raw locust honey 1 pound

1 lb. Raw Locust Honey

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Locust Honey is also called Acacia Honey. It is a pleasant tasting honey, aromatic and ranging from water white to light yellow in color, this honey comes from the black locust tree which flowers in long white racemes during the Spring.

Typically, locust honey is tough to produce even when all of our beehives make it through the winter. It is the first honey produced in the season so our bees need to be strong and ready for the nectar flow from the black locust trees. The locust trees only flower for a couple of weeks at best and typically a big rainstorm occurs which causes the flowers to fall off the trees. This limits the amount of nectar bees can gather, so we never have enough Locust Honey to get us through a year as we will sell out in a matter of days.

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Customer Reviews

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Day J.
Wonderful Honey

Your wonderful "Raw Locust Honey" arrived today! Excellent packing job!
Immediately made cuppa green tea! Best honey ever!
Thank you for all the effort and care you invest in the honey. (Also, kudos to the bees!)

Warning about no honey for children younger than 12 months was news to me!
Altho been decades since folks that young around this house.

Day, thanks for the review - the bees did an incredible job this year with the Locust Honey - light, clear, and amazing taste profile - enjoy!

Fantastic Honey!

Highly Recommend ebeehoney because of their great honey and the ease of ordering and getting my orders quickly!!!

Locust honey

The small jar of locust honey arrived this week. It's a real beauty in the glass container, with such a light yellow color. When I tasted it, all of those childhood memories came flooding back. It reminded me of the honey that I harvested from my small hives in the '50's on our farm in middle Tennessee. We had a grove of black locust trees behind our house, and I couldn't wait each late Spring to capture the bees' sweet nectar from those blooming trees. I'll never forget the time when I presented my first jar of locust honey to my grandparents who lived next door. It's such a sweet honey with the beautiful aroma. Thanks so much for making it available. I shall order it again next summer.

Raw Locust Honey

Very light in color, more liquid in nature than most varieties, but also quite bright in sweetness with a subtle, herbal flavor. Especially good as a finishing drizzle on a fruit or custard dessert and also valuable as a cocktail ingredient as its liquid nature lets it mix in with cold liquids without congealing.

Raw Locust Honey

I tried for the first time, Raw Locust Honey. It's so good especially on my homemade bread, a little sweeter and lighter than the raw honey that I purchase locally. The shipment went very smoothly and quickly. I'm very happy all around.