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5 pounds Raw Goldenrod Honey

5 lbs. Raw Goldenrod Honey

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Raw Goldenrod honey is crystallized.

Raw Goldenrod Crystallizes Extremely Quick! It starts to crystallize within 2-3 days of coming off the hives.

Goldenrod honey has been described with a variety of color and taste descriptions. Our goldenrod honey is a light to medium honey in color and has a bit of a buttery taste to it. Our customers who buy this honey like it for their allergy issues since goldenrod honey is taken off very late in the season when goldenrod is primarily the only plant in bloom. Mead makers love it for making their batches of mead.

All of our honey is 100% pure U.S. honey - there is no blending or alteration done to any of our honey!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Rich and smooth

I think this maybe my favorite honey from It never disappoints me with its mellow but distinct taste, slightly nutty undertones semiliquid and creamy. Love it.

Goldenrod honey

I purchased 3 of the 5lbs jars of goldenrod honey for a batch of mead. It came much faster than I thought it would. The honey was perfect! It smelled amazing! It was really difficult to not stick my finger in it while I was pouring it into my fermentation container. I had to suffer till I had poured all the honey in before I took to the remaining honey on the lids. I'm absolutely going to purchase more!

My favorite

I had ordered a pint and a half jar just to try this out, was wondering what to expect from a fall wildflower, and was totally delighted. It is a pale golden color with extremely small crystallization so that it is a creamy even buttery texture, tho of course not butter flavor. It has a nice mild sweetness, when you first taste it you notice the texture more then taste,but it has a very nice sweet flavor, not overpowering, as dont like extra sweet stuff where all you taste as soon as its in your mouth is Sweet and nothing else! Has a teeny bit of spiciness. The scent is odd but only when you open the jar at first and has nothing to do with its wonderful taste and texture! Liked it so well I ordered 5# which equals 2 well as a 6 pack of tiny jars to give to friends!

Tastes good

Arrived fast and without incident. Tastes good. Purchased to make mead

Goldenrod Honey!

I am not an expert on the different flavors of honey. My schooling of honey has been mainly the grocery store variety, or the local processed honeys. That said, I do like this one. I like the fact that it is raw, and that it crystallizes. It makes it easy to spoon out and add to whatever I want to add it to, i.e. cooking, teas, etc. It does have a slightly different aftertaste to it that I can detect. I would probably describe it as a tanginess. However, it is not, in any way, unpleasant. I choose this particular honey for the allergy results others claim. It is probably too early in the season to know what affect it might have. I like this honey, but I plan to try others before deciding on a favorite. I purchased the 5 lb size. The container it arrives in is difficult for smaller hands to wrap around to open, so I transferred half of it into a jar for easier access. Very easy to do with it being crystallized. My recommendation would be to try this. I think you will be surprised at the taste and quality of it.