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Raw Propolis 8 oz.

Raw Propolis 8 oz.

SKU: 8010-8oz
This is raw propolis that has been scrapped from the frames of Ohio beehives. Be aware this is raw and unprocessed and may contain a small amount of wood chips, etc. from the frames. We have gone through it removing grass, etc. that we see, but double check it when you get it.

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Customer Reviews

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The BEST Raw Propolis!

The best Raw Propolis I ever had! I will buy more from you guys.

Raw Propolis is wonderful

Hi Glenn, Thank you so much for offering this product, many people don't even know what propolis is. I use propolis tincture in syrups and throat sprays, and this batch looks great:) It has a great smell and color, plus it was great that you smashed it all to bits because that it often the hardest part about extracting propolis. Thank you again, and I will definitely recommend your site and products to my friends.

Great if you know what to do with it

Got this because my husband, suffering from mucositis from throat cancer treatment, had been helped by consuming honey. Was told by a hive owner that propolis is even better. But the texture is so wax-like, I can't put it in smoothies (my husband can't yet chew and swallow any solids)because it would gum up the NutriBullet. The quality of the product appears good, but I didn't know that the consistency and lack of dessication possibilities made it unusable. Now I'm getting teased about buying it! But if you know what to do with it, I'm sure you'll be pleased!

Raw Propolis

This product is as good as the reviews say it is. I had a pleasant conversation with the owner. Very nice person and knowledgeable. This product is so much easier to use than the tinctures I have used. If someone wanted to add a little flavor, just eat a bit of honey. Really awesome product! Thank you so much!! :)

Paige T.
Bee Glue Crazy!

This propolis smells and tastes great, and has a wonderful texture in the mouth when chewing. Normally, I take a small piece and stick it to the back of one of my upper teeth (in case it should stain), so I can suck on it and enjoy its health benefits all day. As noted in the project description, you'll have to go through and filter out any leftover debris yourself. But it's all easy to spot and pick out. Aside from chewing, I plan to make balms and toothpaste with my propolis as well. I will now forever come here for all my honey, wax, and propolis needs!