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5 lbs. Raw Locust Honey

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Locust Honey is also called Acacia Honey. It is a pleasant tasting honey, aromatic and ranging from water white to light yellow in color, this honey comes from the black locust tree which flowers in long white racemes during the Spring.

Typically, locust honey is tough to produce even when all of our beehives make it through the winter. It is the first honey produced in the season so our bees need to be strong and ready for the nectar flow from the black locust trees. The locust trees only flower for a couple of weeks at best and typically a big rainstorm occurs which causes the flowers to fall off the trees. This limits the amount of nectar bees can gather, so we never have enough Locust Honey to get us through a year as we will sell out in a matter of days.

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Franz Breuer
eBee ----- Bee Heaven

Been a honey person all my Life. Over the years bought from all over in other states and in Ohio. Found eBee honey about 5 years ago when moving back to Ohio.
There is no question their product is just plain the best.
That combined and linked with knowlege and frindly service
5 stars plus