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Clover honey sticks - straws - stix
honey stick usage ideas
Clover honey stick container
Clover honey stick container
Clover honey stick container

Clover Honey Sticks

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Clover Honey Sticks (also know as honey stix or honey straws) are 100% natural, Grade A clover honey, packed in straws. To open them, just bite or clip the heat seal at one end, and then just squeeze the honey into your mouth.

Clover honey sticks are certified Kosher. Kosher certification is by the Orthodox Union - Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregation of America, New York.

Clover honey is what most people think of as being typical honey flavor and color. It is widely used “on the table.” Despite being the most common nectar producing honey plant, Clover honey is still a variety. White clover, and white and yellow sweet clover plants are the most important for honey production. Depending on location and source, Clover honey varies in color from water-white to extra light amber and has a mild, delicate flavor.

To read about the honey straws - visit our Honey Stick Description Page.

Customer Reviews

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These are great!

I bought these to portion out the amount of honey my daughter puts on her cereal. The honey straws work perfectly for that. Also, this honey is of very good quality, better than what they sell in the grocery stores. The storage canister is very useful, and you can order the sticks with or without the canister. Excellent, I highly recommend these honey sticks.

Ronald J. Glenn
Clover Honeysticks

Good Quality & Great Flavor!


Our best seller!!!

Yummy Honey Sticks

Honey stick were yummy... purchased them as, one of our baby shower favors.


These are awesome my whole family Loves them! My husband who's diabetic takes a few with him to work in case he needs something sweet so they're also great for that!