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Honey Sticks Variety Pack - Pick 50 - 500 Total Sticks
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Variety Pack - Pick 50 - 500 Total Honey Straws

SKU: 330-inTens
Description: Pick 50 Choices of honey straws (they come in packs of 10). So your 50 choices will give you 500 total honey straws!

You can simply order "1" or up to "50" in the quantity field since you are allowed 50 choices. You get to decide which honey straws and how many packs of each you wish.

Your input of "1" in the quantity field equals 10 honey straws for that selection. If you enter "2" in the quantity field you will receive 20 honey straws for that selection and so on.

Any questions, please ask.

You can read about about different honey stick varieties here.

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Honey Stick Lover
Love These

Thanks for adding this honey pack after I suggested it - we have a number of teenagers who love these so this larger number of packs helps!!